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Our events are providing great experiences for visitors.

We have online booking system to register and book your visit nearer to date. Looking forward to see you and your family. Please feel free to see our upcoming events.

THE NECTA YOUNG CHEF OF THE YEAR - 2018 11th of October 

sponsored by Bidfood

 11th October, Federation Brewery, Lancastrian Suite Gateshead

A prestigious competition for young chefs.  Entrants must demonstrate their knife skills in a 25 minute class  followed by 60 minutes in which competitors must prepare and cook a 2 course menu for 2 covers.

October 2018 11th of October

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Drink 1: 
A twist on a classic gin based cocktail. We are looking for any style of twist from a classic with a great story on how this twist fits in effectively. Anything at all but has to be twisted gin classic. Think creatively.  
Drink 2:
Your drink. Any ingredients and any method. Focus should be on the competitor as a person and their creativeness. Story, visual looks and wow factor are crucial here
Any queries please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 07951739178

Information is coming soon

Young Barista


NECTA HOSPITALITY SALON 2019 30th April and 1st of May

NECTA HOSPITALITY SALON 2019 30th April and 1st May

A variety of live and cold display classes open to chefs of all levels. Classes will be judged by some of the top chefs in the country.

Hilton Hotel Newcastle-Gateshead



The most prestigious competition in the North East of England, win and be part of an elite group of chefs to win this title. Previous winners include John Connell and Gabor Pusztai. 

Entrants must compose a 3 course menu for 4 covers.
The menu must complement seasonal local produce.
Entrants must submit a recipe, method and costing for each course.


Students from 8 colleges compete in a final live competition after working in some of the top regional restaurants for 2 weeks.


1 hour will be allowed to prepare, cook and present a main course, 2 plates each of the same.


Entries are invited from teams of 2 chefs from any hospitality establishment. 60 minutes will be allowed to prepare, cook and present 2 courses for 2 persons: starter and main course. The main course to include include fish which can be ordered from Taylor foods. Other ingredients to be chosen and provided by the competitors.


8 colleges from across the region and one guest college compete in 10 live classes.

If you would like to enter the competition, please download the entry form and information below.


NECTA is expanding its categories to include a professional floristry section. This is a growing show and the only one of its kind in the north East.

anthonyCOCKTAIL CLASS - sponsored by Crosbys and hosted by Antony Pearman. 

Gin Competition

This year has a theme and that theme is cold compounding and cocktails
Cold compounding – Cold compounding is taking neutral grain spirit (vodka), adding juniper for a duration and extracting to make ‘gin’. From this you have a base and we want you to make a flavoured gin / gin liqueur. E.g. Raspberry, chilli & ginger, pineapple & agave (please do not use these)

The competitor should make whatever flavour cold compound gin they would like and create a taster of that and transform that into a cocktail. Extra points for the uniqueness and story behind the infusion. We will need to see full workings out and the method used presented eg

250ml Smirnoff
15gramm dried juniper berries
72 hours infusion
Blended then fine sieved / extracted
250gm fresh raspberries added
Left for 1 week
Blended then fine sieved / extracted
Upon making this infusion we would like you to turn this into a cocktail of your choice that showcases the flavour profile of your gin but also demonstrates knowledge, story and confidence.

Antony Pearman Profile

Antony studied at Norwich city college to become a chef and moved to Cambridge to further his career. After 7 years he decided to move to front of house and worked at a South Australian style wine restaurant where he became involved with the beautiful history and world of alcohol of which he knew very little. After one year he was offered an opportunity to move to Newcastle which to date Antony says “has been the best choice in my life”. He worked in a cocktail venue with a thirst to progress and learn and was very fortunate to work with some truly brilliant mixologists who put up with his constant questions and suggestions. Antony was hooked: “My career is cocktails, my life is cocktails. I thrive when competing in cocktail competitions. I love the challenge and watching how everyone from all different walks of life create their art for the judges” He has won and placed in numerous regional and nationwide cocktail competitions and hopes to compete globally.
In late 2015 he started his own company website where he posts videos, recipes and tips of everything he does within the cocktail scene. He also posts more regularly on Instagram (antonymixologist) and facebook (


Competitors who will be attending to collect thier awards should ensure that they are dressed in clean chefs whites or, in respect of restaurant service, correct uniform. This is important for presentation purposes and for the sake of class sponsors and photographs.

worldskills red RGB

NECTA is proud to announce that we will host the World Skills UK competition. 

The World Skills Competition is held every two years and is the biggest vocational education and skills excellence event in the world that truly reflects global industry. The Competitors represent the best of their peers and are selected from skill competitions in World Skills Member countries and regions. They are all under the age of 23 years (except for four skills that have the age limit of 25). They demonstrate technical abilities both individually and collectively to execute specific tasks for which they study and/or perform in their workplace.